New blooming lashes

New blooming lashes


Say hello to SP new lashes , easy fan, super soft, blooming lashes !

We are delighted to introduce the most advanced and popular eyelash extensions on the market!

High quality, soft and glossy, SP blooming lashes are made from the high quality PBT fiber.

SP blooming lashes are super easy to fan, it’s a great product especially for new technicians, you can skip the long curse of learning and master the Russian volume technique and create the most glamorous looking eyelashes directly.

As you know, the biggest problem of blooming lashes is the curl is lasting very short period if not using, we develop new technology, which makes the curl remain the same under 65degree hot water. It is revolutionary eyelash technology and will be a new trend on the market.

 Ultra soft on the eye, super easy to fan with 12 rows per tray

Thickness: 0.05mm or 0.07mm

Length from 8mm-16mm

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