New Arrival Mink Lashes

New Arrival Mink Lashes


Today we bring you new style mink lashes. Let’s show the advantage of it.

New Arrival Mink Lashes
 Mink lashes are different from eyelash extension. It is easy to wear. You can wear it by yourself, you neednt to go the salon. And it cost less than eyelash extension. And there are many different styles, you can choose the one you like.

Today we bring you new style mink lashes. Lets show the advantage of it.

The new eyelashes fit the eye shape and are easier to wear.

The band of the new eyelashes are softer and thinner. It is more comfortable to wear.

New eyelashes can be used multiple times.

The lashes are real mink lashes. We collect the mink fur when the minks fall their hair every year.

Maybe you cant find the difference just from the picture. But once you tried it, you will love it.

This is one kind of new styles. It also come new styles for faux mink and 25mm.If you are interested in it, please leave us message on our website. Then we can show you more pictures & vedios.